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Our little group split up on Monday, with three guys headed to Ocracoke on the ferry and two headed home due to impending thunderstorms.
We took a nice ride down Bogue Banks and across the bridge to Morehead City, made a short stop in a bike shop to get some oil, and rode through Beaufort to Cedar Island to catch the ferry. It was really windy, and it was a little disorienting to look in front of me at three bikes leaning at an angle into the wind to stay upright.

We saw our intrepid travelers off, and then Sarah and I headed back to our condo with short detours to Harkers Island and the Beaufort waterfront.

One incident reminded me of how much I miss the Marine Corps sometimes.

We spent far too long finding a place to eat on Monday, because it's not really "the season" yet and many restaurants are still closed. We ended up in this down home place called Jordan's in Emerald Isle that was probably here before this area was so upscale. Traditionally this area has been home to vacation trailers owned by regular folks and not the well-to-do.

Another couple rode in on a Heritage Softail, and naturally the conversation turned to bikes. He was a retired Marine, which was obvious from the build and the haircut. Our waitress, who was also the bartender and doing who knows how many other jobs, was a Marine wife married to a guy stationed at Cherry Point. We got to sharing stories about ironing utilities (i.e. fatigues, combat uniforms) and polishing boots, and after dinner our waitress and the woman from the other couple were sharing a smoke together out front and were showing each other their tattoos and sharing Marine wife stories. The other guy and I were sharing bike stories. Sometimes I miss those instant relationships you can form in the service.
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