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A storm was forecast on Tuesday (of the weather variety) and another on Thursday (the arrival of the grandchildren), so Tuesday seemed like a nice day to just hang out in the condo.

It was really windy up on the second floor. So windy in fact that water was blowing in under the sliding glass door facing out onto the ocean, causing me to run and get towels to put under the door. I was watching the furniture blowing around out on the porch and gaining a serious appreciation for "renting a beach condo" as opposed to "owning a beach condo".

Although the wind was high it didn't rain much. After an hour or so I went out on the beach and really appreciated a nice heavy motorcycle rain suit as a beach accessory.

The power of the storm was incredible, between the wind and the waves. I found myself walking along the beach, tracking down to the water's edge, because that's where most of the power seemed apparent, on the edge between being dry and wet. Maybe a lot of life is like that, with the serious experiences really being found on the edge of getting wet, rather than being safe behind glass just watching the whole thing unfold.

I was reading in the book of John in the Bible while watching the storm and came across this:

John 15:2 - "Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit."

Some people have this mistaken idea that they will prosper according to their righteousness in the eyes of God and likewise materially suffer because of their sins. It's even worse when they apply that attitude to others, wondering what sin might have led to some misfortune or another. I think this verse served as a good reminder to me that my own medical situation can be viewed more as a shaping for bearing even more fruit rather than some kind of punishment. If I'm being punished for something, it's probably more likely for eating too much beef than for offending God merely by some behavior or another.

After the storm Sarah went out to do some shopping (not my favorite activity) and I hung around the room catching up on some reading. I brought my 35 year-old copy of "Dune" with me, which I read when I was about 16. It was surprising to me how much of the detail I remembered and how much my brain filled in.
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