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This was a nice ride day with Sarah.

I'm trying to visit all 100 counties in North Carolina on two wheels, and this was a great chance to see some of the eastern ones. We had sort of a leisurely morning and rode to Atlantic Beach for breakfast. We are actually in Salter Path, and for whatever reason, zoning, who knows, most of the commercial parts of the island seem to be at the ends, with the residential parts in the middle. There are some sit-down restaurants and sort of an "adventure" park with miniature golf, motorized inner tubes, etc, within walking distance of us, but anything else involves a fifteen minute drive to either the east or west end of Bogue Banks. We chose east and found a nice breakfast place, what I believe had been a diner at one point, which was now enclosed and expanded.

We rode through Beaufort and up to Minnesott Beach and took the Cherry Branch ferry across the Neuse River. It's always fun to combine motorcycle trips and boat trips.

We finally found Honolulu (NC), and as expected it was not much more than both sides of a sign, but still an uncommonly pretty spot with nicely maintained houses.

We crossed the Neuse (again) higher up, where it was more of a river and not an estuary and rode down the other side looking for the road to Trenton NC. We missed it the first time because the road we were looking for (NC-41) isn't actually called NC-41 yet, so we had to backtrack a little bit to find it.

Trenton is the county seat for Jones county and has all of 200 people in it, according to wikipedia.org, so we weren't expecting much, but it was a nice little town with an unexpectedly medium-sized downtown. We figured out riding through it that the reason it looks so small by number is that the town limits basically encompass downtown, and much of what actually looks like Trenton is considered in Jones county and not Trenton.

From Trenton we just took NC-58 back through Cape Carteret and came over the western bridge through Emerald Isle and back to our condo.
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