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Thursday was kind of a half-leisurely day, having time to ourselves in the morning and getting ready for the arrival of the grandchildren in the afternoon.

We got the place straightened up a little and then went out for a nice lunch at an oddly named place called Flipperz Family Bar and Grill. For many the ideas of "family" and "bar and grill" are kind of mutually exclusive, but not I guess for others.

Rachel and Isaac and the kids arrived mid-afternoon, we got all their stuff hauled upstairs, and naturally the kids were immediately ready to go down to the beach and play in the sand. They absolutely love the beach, regardless of how cold it is. Isaac and the kids cavorted in the surf while the old people (Sarah and Rachel and I) generally kept a safer distance up on the beach. We dug in the sand together and generally hung out until hypothermia just about claimed the kids and they were ready to go.

Sarah and Rachel made french bread pizzas that were a real hit with everyone.
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