rmdixon (rmdixon) wrote,

Sunday 10 Apr

Nice quiet morning.

I was awake at 5:30am, so I just got up to enjoy the quiet time. I did a lot of introverted things, including journalling, scripture study, and enjoying the iPad version of the New York Times.

After the parade of guests we had, it was my turn to do something useful, so I made breakfast for Sarah and me and did dishes. We spent some time planning out the next couple of days, and then I realized we were in danger of spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon planning to do things instead of actually doing things.

We took a nice motorcycle ride to Swansboro and walked through the old downtown along the waterfront, just a couple of blocks, and then took a longish way home.

We got to the Big Oak Drive In with just minutes to spare, because it closed at 3pm. We wanted their signature shrimp burger, and we were not to be denied. Sarah got a scallop burger, and with fries/onion rings and drinks we somehow spent $26 to have lunch at a place where we had to sit on the steps to eat. Dumpster side or no? Umm, we chose the non-dumpster side. Naturally once we finished we discovered the picnic tables behind the restaurant. Oh well.

Finally the weather was warm enough to walk on the beach in a t-shirt and swimsuit, so I enjoyed just a little warmth and walked on the beach while Sarah took a nap, then a glorious afternoon of reading nothing of importance, enjoying the beach view out of the big picture window of the condo. I'm not sure it gets much better than this.

The end of the day Sunday was basically cleaning up and doing sort of a pre-pack and the last of the laundry.
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