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Tuesday 12 Apr

Up in plenty of time to get packed and search out some tasty breakfast beverages.

Sarah and I split up, since she wanted to do some shopping and her pack job was much quicker. Just throw it in the suitcase and carry it down to the car, while I had to do a more common sense repack and quit wasting time stuffing the saddlebags. I was going to visit the Ocracoke lighthouse for a picture stop and meet her at the ferry, but she wasn't able to find much of interest that was open and just came back.

We visited the lighthouse together and then allowed as we had enough time for a short beach visit, maybe twenty minutes.

We got to the beach access, and it was totally deserted, except for one empty bus. We parked and walked up the steps and over the dune and were confronted with maybe forty teachers exploring the beach. Given the deserted nature of the Ocracoke beach in general that was just a bit startling. So, we were not going to have a reflective beach experience. I decided to head back up the steps and just sit on a bench and look at the beach, but the teachers decided to do exactly the same thing at the same moment, so we just decided to leave. Naturally the teachers did the same thing, so we walked in one large gaggle back to the parking lot. I wonder if I had decided to just take my clothes off and run into the surf if all the teachers would have somehow decided to do that also, but I didn't try it and find out.

We made it Hatteras Island about 11am and just rode/drove down highway 12. It was a nice clear day and a very nice ride, other than going over the Bonner Bridge. That bridge is always just a little freaky because of the crosswinds, and today was no exception. There was a 30% chance of a thunderstorm, although it was still sunny and clear, so it was windy. The bridge is high, and it's old and I would swear it shakes. Plus numbers of seagulls had met their end on the bridge, so it was an interesting experience of being blown around tens of feet above the ocean at 55 MPH dodging dead birds in the road.

We found a motel room after some false steps and managed to get a really nice room right on the beach with nice chairs to sit in. Since we had some time we decided to take a ride up to the Currituck ferry landing just to look at it. We didn't have time to ride on it, but we could at least check out Currituck County. As we got near the ferry landing we almost pushed our luck with the thunderstorm a little too far, because rain was clearly coming in. We got a quick picture stop at the ferry landing and then headed back. Luckily we were going south and the bad weather was going north, so we stayed dry.

It was about 4:30pm, and Sarah got a nice nap while I relaxed in the nice chairs outside the room and did some reading.

There was another couple on bike a few rooms down who turned out to be from Ontario (Canada). They had trailered their bike to Lynchburg VA and were doing a circuit through Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. There are always people to meet when you're on two wheels.

We went to Pizza Hut for dinner literally seconds in front of three large buses full of high school students on some kind of tour. Sarah and I literally had to yell at each other to be heard. It had the potential for disaster, because these kids completely packed out the restaurant, but the staff was very well organized, the kids were pretty well-behaved, and I don't think we were held up at all, although the noise level was deafening. Once the kids left there were maybe a dozen people left in the restaurant, I think with our ears ringing.
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