rmdixon (rmdixon) wrote,

Last Normal Day . . .

Well, today's the last "normal" day I'll have for awhile, as my surgery is Tuesday.

We met a friend for breakfast and had a nice motorcycle ride to church in downtown Raleigh. The sermon, as usual, seemed like it had my name all over it. It was from James 4:


The basic idea is that we think we can plan these things, but we're only fooling ourselves. Regardless of what we think about our "worthiness" before God, our plans, our preparation, or any other thing, all things are for his glory and our plans just don't matter that much in the long term. We want God's will to be in favor of our short-term benefit, but that's not how it works. We can rest in the absolute sovereignty of God and in the knowledge that if we're seeking Jesus in what we do, regardless of what path we take to get there, it all works out for the best in the end. The perennial catch is that we don't get to define what "best" is, and I guess that's where the faith part comes in.

Heavy stuff.

After church we took a roundabout route home through Benson, which made for a nice ride, my last long ride for awhile.

Tomorrow I get to spend the day on a liquid diet, and I get to take a fun cleansing preparation in the afternoon. Nothing to drink after midnight, and my surgery is at 1pm. I think the point behind this might just be to make me look forward to the surgery so I can have something to eat!

I will have a catheter for about ten days, and after that I still won't be able to drive for another two weeks or so. I'm likely to be on short term disability from work for three to four weeks. So, I'll be recovering from surgery, but I won't have to go to any meetings, so maybe there's a silver lining after all.

Thankfully today is not tomorrow. Sarah has a nice dinner planned with ribeye steak and lobster tail.

It occurred to me in church that regardless of whatever else happens, this is my last Sunday with prostate cancer. By Tuesday evening it will be gone. I will have other challenges to deal with, but cancer will no longer be on the list.

Because in the 21st century we only live life as fodder for social media, I'll try to post something from the hospital on Tuesday or Wednesday about how I'm doing. If it sounds disjointed, blame it on the pain killers.

I guess it sounds a little theatrical, but I hope I can dedicate this surgery to the glory of God and live that out however it works out. Wish me luck.
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