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I had a nice respite over the weekend.

Rachel and Isaac and the kids came over and we had a very exciting Easter egg hunt in our yard and a nice Saturday brunch. They are very good egg hunters.

I've had some rotting trim on a porch post for some time, and I wanted to get it taken care of before my surgery. Some friends loaned me a miter saw earlier and just "happened" to drop by on Saturday in case I needed anything. I got the old trim off and they offered advice on just how much of the existing caulk, etc., had to be removed. After a trip to the hardware store (just one!) I got the replacement trim up without too much trouble, even though it involved weird positions near the top of an 8' step ladder.

For me the exciting part was that I've had a shoulder injury (biceps tendonitis, actually) for over a year now, and it was a complete blessing to be able to work normally, hammering over my head, carrying the ladder and the saw, etc. It was a long work day, as I just got the trim up as it was getting dark, but it was fun having the saw set up in the driveway and cutting trim as though I actually had some idea what I was doing and looking like a man who actually had a real job, as opposed to herding bits and sending e-mail for a living.

I helped with parking at a Sunday Easter service downtown and was on my feet most of the morning. Not one bit of complaint from the other tendonitis, a hip problem gleaned from an "injury free running class". Out of respect for the neighbors I cut the grass on Sunday, which I would rather not have had to do on Easter Sunday, and not a bit of problem from either tendonitis. It was just beautiful to be physically normal for an entire weekend, the next to last before whatever "the new normal" turns out to be.

I went to see the surgeon and did a pre-checkin at the hospital yesterday. Everyone was very nice, and I'm ready to just get this over with. Six days and counting. I will be out of work for three to four weeks, which will be challenge, but it is what it is.
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