rmdixon (rmdixon) wrote,

First Day Home

My first day home from the hospital has been a pretty good one.

I felt a little degraded this morning, but by the afternoon I feel fine in my favorite recliner. I've been on three walks today, and the last one was about 50% speed, so I'm losing the old man shuffle I've had the last few days. Not totally gone yet, but getting there. I will still have a cathether for another week, but I really don't notice it much. I just have to remember to empty it before it gets too full. Only two Tylenol for pain meds today.

In the "really good news" department I got a call from the surgeon today and the pathology report came back. The cancer was completely confined to the prostate and none was found in the margins. The meaning of that is that it's extremely unlikely it spread beyond the prostate.

He told me in the hospital that of the 500+ plus procedures he's done he felt this one was the best because I was in good health and had "beautiful anatomy" inside. He's predicting a quick recovery and little interference from the usual side effects. I guess if you're going to have someone tell you you have "beautiful anatomy" you would want it to be your cancer surgeon.

So, today I read two magazines, watched three episodes of "Dexter", and I can see I am probably going to be getting cabin fever before you know it. That will take some planning to avoid. I guess that's a good problem to have, though, considering the alternative.
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